Should Save For Children Or Make Them Self-Employed?

I have a friend who, once drunk, said, “Do you believe? I sent money to the bank, my grandfather also used to spend all my life. ”

I answered that I believe. However, old people usually say that ” you don’t have to save the wealth for your children.”

He laughed and said, “What is it called happiness? I spent more than half of my life, if I don’t save money for my children, my children will be poor. I am saving money for my children, so they are not like me in this life. ”

His words are true. Around us, many people think so, if they have 10 cents they will give their children 5 cents. We have always felt that we should save money for our children and grandchildren, thus making their lives better later.

There are words from Lin Tzu, a famous Qing dynasty official, who awakened me: “What saving money for if children did it better than us? The money would reduce the hard-working. If children didn’t do it better than us, so we don’t have to save money for them, if losers are rich, more stupid they are.

This statement is profound and true. Descendants, if they are so, then there is no need to save for them, if they are talented people, they leave much of their wealth only to make them lose their will to strive. And if they are normal, then there is no need to save for them. They are so foolish that we keep the money for them, only to make them more foolish.

In psychology there is a famous law: “Law: Not worth it”; Not worth doing, it is not worth doing well. Let’s think if there is a mountain of gold, so why do not you commit suicide every day to find gold? However, if the “Not worth it” mentality that goes to study and work, then surely what is achieved is also a tedious life.

Too many of us do not understand why foreign billionaires can spend most of their fortune in charity. For example, the richest billionaire in the world Warrent Buffet has spent 99% of its wealth for charity. One of my colleagues asked; “Do not his descendants angry with him?” I thought her colleague was probably not aware of Buffett and his little son, Peter Buffett. Peter Buffett loves music. One day before moving to Milwaukee, he went to find his father to borrow money (that was the first and only loan his father) and he was rejected. Peter was very angry, then went to the bank to borrow money. He recounted that “during his bank loan repayment he learned a lot in life and work. Then think back to you that your father’s point is right. ”

If you really love your children, the financial aspects should be tight. Money is a double-edged sword, it can hurt your baby. You are the one who brings your children to this world, so it is important to give them great maturity and maturity, to make them stronger. Let them know that life has sweat and tears, sometimes bleeding, must go out there sun without parents. Let them know that the new self is the best, the most glorious.

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