Best first birthday gifts

Whether you’re a parent or their guest whose baby is going to celebrate his or her first birthday soon, we have some awesome gift ideas to offer. It’s not difficult to find the best gift for a one-year-old toddler. You simply remember that this is an active time for them and their favorite activities at this age include taking things in and out of boxes, pulling and pushing, putting things together and taking them apart and listening to rhymes.

Therefore, here are the best first birthday gifts that are entertaining and right for a child’s development

Here We Are:  Notes for Living on Planet Earth

1st birthday, first birthday

It’s a guidebook for one year- old kids and older. As they are practicing to speak and know rhymes, they also like to listen. This book is not for them to read, but for parents to read it to them.

This amusing and entertaining book is a charming way to teach babies what they need to know about planet Earth.  It is full of positive messages about loving and taking good care of Earth, responsibility, and tolerance. The best thing about this book is that everything is done with humor, so even parents will surely enjoy reading it.

Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train


1st birthday

It’s a pull-along train similar to the one at “In the Night Garden” show.  Its distinctive attributes include 5 tunes and 5 carriages with features that a child can play with.

This pull along toy is designed for young children as they start to become more mobile. Of the 5 carriages of the train, one of them (the peek-a-boo) may need help for small hands to open, but that’s the only downside. Parents are usually there with their babies during playtime and they can assist.

Tomy Toomies Sort “N” Pop UFO



1st birthday

It’s a game that helps babies to recognize different shapes.

This Tomy toy consists of 5 shapes to classify or arrange systematically; brightly colored and well built. These shapes will be made to go pop and when they do, it can give lots of fun to the kid. It’s a great way to make the child recognize shape for the first time and give them the ability to make their hands and sight work together

so that they can do things that require accuracy and speed.

Fischer Price Baby’s First Blocks



1st birthday. openskiesbirthday

It’s an open container or bucket, with handle, that contains 10 shapes that are colored differently and brightly. The child plays by emptying the bucket out and then tries to put everything back in through the holes in the lid that are accurately shaped.

The shapes are appropriate for the toddlers’ hands, so easy to hold, grasp and skillfully handle. The container itself is a good portable toy box, when you are on the move.

Hape Baby Einstein Magic Touch Drums



It’s a drum kit made of colourful wood, with animal themes, for the musician baby. It has 4 drums, a classy drum mode and a melody mode. You can even keep the “noise” down, with a switch, but even if the banging is loud, it is will nicely blend in with the general noise in the house and it’ll not irritate you at all.

Lamaze mix and match caterpillar


first birthday. openskiesbirthday

It’s partially a soft-toy, partially something that teaches the baby to learn about colours, puzzles and sounds. A very interesting toy for a one year old. Trust us it’ll become a pastime for your kid and this will offer you relief for sometime.

Goki, Farm animal shape sorter


first birthday. openskiesbirthday

This helps the one-year to associate the shape of each animal to a particular shape and of course colour. Each set comes with 5-animal types. Ideal for your kid, especially if you want to teach him/her shapes.

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BAYBEE 2 in 1 Sit-to-Stand Learning Push and Pull Walker for Baby, 1 Year(Yellow)

first birthday. openskiesbirthday

This Baybee product is a keepsake. You can even use it for your next child or give it to your neighbour’s kid. It’s the best toy you can ever find. Safety is the key factor in a toy and that has been taken care of very well as per European standards.

Amy & Benton Kids Birthday Cake Toy for Baby & Toddlers with Counting Candles & Music, Gift Toys for 1 2 3 4 5 Years Old Boys and Girls

A birthday cake with candles. With the click of a switch the candles will light. You can make your baby count the number of candles. There’s another switch that plays the Happy Birthday song etc. Your baby is really going to like it.

Funskool Kiddy Star Links





A very useful toy, which enhances the hand-to-eye coordination in the kid. The child gets to even learn different colours.

ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

Perfect for a 1-year old. It helps the child to discover the people with whom we deal with daily. Like the baker, mailman etc. There’s a bead activity on top of the wooden box, which is fun for kids. The edges are rounded and safe for your one year old.

VTech Pull and Sing Puppy


It has 60+ songs installed. If the child pulls on a string on the puppy, the puppy will sing, as well as follow the child. It’s useful from 6 months to 3 years of age. This toy increases the motor skills in child.

Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy



A toy which will make your baby happy. This elephant flaps his ears during play and this makes your baby laugh with glee.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

first birthday. openskiesbirthday

This is a teether toy. It’s a maze made of tubes with a cube in between, which makes a sweet rattling noise. The material used to make the tubes is child-safe and hence even if your child bites on the tubes as much as he or she wants, nothing will go wrong.  

The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys

first birthday. openskiesbirthday

Ideal for the baby in the bathtub or while giving him or her a bath. As you’ll might know most babies don’t enjoy bathing, so 3 different pieces which squirts can help to divert you baby’s attention. These pieces are in 3 different shapes and colours.

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