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As always, the first birthday party is still the most meaningful and essential party. It isn’t only for the baby but also for all family members. A year is not too long, not too short but it is enough to form a human. The first year is the primary way of life that your baby has to go through and also the hardest time for him to adapt to the new environment, the modern world, and the new ones. So, this is also considered as a milestone, a turning point for the later years of growing up. Not long ago, you had to prepare to welcome the new member. So now you have to look for different ideas for your baby’s first birthday party. You want it to be meaning but do not know where to start, let us help you.

   Holding a birthday party for the first time is not just about celebrating a memorable birthday, it is also an extraordinary day, the event that marks the maturity with the desire for the best will come to your child. By having a great day together, we will be participating in exciting activities without forgetting to keep those beautiful moments together. You will feel a day passed meaningful and the remaining things will be just fun, happiness and laughter.

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   A birthday party for the first time should only invite family members, close friends and may also have children. Everyone joins the game to keep the atmosphere happy, close. To organize a meaningful party, you will need the ability to decorate, create, unique ideas to launch the atmosphere and other great activities for everyone to participate.

    A beautifully decorated birthday party will make the attendees feel more excited, bring your child a memorable moment on its birthday. Birthday decoration is also a way to show love and concern to the little member of your family. To simplify the decoration, you should divide it into two parts including home decor and souvenir table. Whatever it is, it has its values that are measured only by time and force.

  You will need these essential accessories and tools: banners, bubbles, bubble packs, gift wrapping paper, colored paper, candles, souvenirs, multi-colored pens, teddy bears, stickers, tablecloths, dried flowers, and glass jars.

  For home decoration, you should choose the bright and gentle colors as the main. Alternatively, decorate them according to fairy tales or stimulate famous animated films. You can also help your child dress up as a cute cartoon character such as Totoro, Pikachu, Doraemon, pooh bear … Also, you can entirely manually create bubbles with many different kinds of lovely things, that will make space more lively.

  The souvenir is a unique place to recreate your baby’s one-year journey. That will be the photos of your child in the early years of life and also the most beautiful moments that parents and children create. This will be the place decorated with photo frames, dried flowers, teddy bears, candles, colored paper and is presented by light dishes, where to write greetings and take souvenir photos.

  You do not have to be overly sophisticated to prepare simple food with fresh fruit, fruit juices, biscuits, pastries, sweets, sandwiches and of course birthday cake. It is not natural that birthday cakes become close, popular in celebrations, events, wedding parties, … For every special occasion, the cream cake has a different meaning. However, for what purpose, each cake is hoping to bring people joy, warmth and sweet. A little cake with great pleasure. What is more beautiful than the simple but tasty and so sincere like that?

  Any an exciting program or party is indispensable to games that are full of exploratory spirit and curiosity. Now I will introduce you two exciting games that both adults and children can participate in.

  The first is guessing object in the box. In this game, You will need to prepare a transparent box and cover a cloth up, need a hole on the top of the box enough to fit one hand. The interesting point is that the player can not see the objects inside, and must use judgment to guess the exact name of the object. So as usual, the correct answer will be rewarded, the wrong answer will be punished. Of course, you will also have to prepare the gifts and penalties for the players.

  The second is Treasure Hunt. In this game, you will have to decorate the house just like in a mysterious fairy world and hide the presents around the house. The task of the children is to discover themselves and find the hidden gifts. This game stimulates curiosity and encourages the spirit of discovery of young children.

  Besides the exciting games, the main activities of the party are also very important. It is also the activities that take place during the party to make the party purposeful. When you plan clearly, it will become extremely smooth with so many emotions. Moreover, careful preparation will not interrupt your conversation and will always keep the fun atmosphere. A full birthday party is indispensable for the following activities: giving gifts and congratulating baby’s birthday, talking together, sharing the way to raise your children, gather to sing and take photos to save the moments and to close a memorable day.

  You know, a perfect party has the preparation is not enough, but you need to put your emotions in it to make it so impressive, this is the most meaningful point and also a unique point for your child’s special day.

  Firstly, you should welcome guests with an intimate smile, a happy and comfortable mood for the atmosphere to become natural, help create a good first impression. You do not have to be too warm-hearted, because they will feel lost nature because they think they are being treated like invited guests. It is better to treat them as family members for a more emotional and cohesive relationship.

  When guests come, tell them to spend a few minutes recording in the notebook with wishes or sharing something special that they feel the most meaning. This is a great idea to save the autographs of loved ones from the early years of the baby’s life. Later in the review, he will know how big the feelings of the people for himself.

  After all, the true meaning of the first birthday party is to mark a new beginning of his life, a place of sentiment and a bond of love between people. Once you understand that a child is a priceless spiritual gift, a gift that is crystallized from the love of father and mother, that party can not have two words “not perfect” because you always give special love to your child. And once it is made of sincere love, it is likely that “love from the heart will reach the heart.”

Something you will need to celebrate a beautifully birthday party:

Windy City Novelties Original LED Light Up

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This Windy City LED is an excellent light to decor your birthday party more beautiful, more brilliant. It can be hanging around the house or on the tree…

Hefty Party On Plastic Party Cups

Party Cups are important things indispensable in a birthday party.
With many colors, kids are delighted when they look at them. It makes your birthday party more impressive

Dozen Straw Cowboy Hats for Kids

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It’s very happy if kids wear this hat to play with each other. You can prepare it for your friends, and neighbor kids or someone of your friends is a big fan of Dallas Cowboys team

Unicorn Cake Topper with Eyelashes


It is beautiful if you decor your birthday party with this unicorn headband, and unicorn cake

Happy Birthday Balloons

Big blue star balloon, white and blue latex balloons help your birthday party more beautiful

Roadacc 3-Piece Children Play Tent Set of Square Cubby, Triangle Cubby and Spring-Pop Tunnel


Big place for the neighbor kid play around the party

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

Build, stack, and explore endless possibilities with 80 big, colorful building blocks made just for toddlers!


Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

A lovely toy for your baby,

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

When parents are talking to each other, this toy can make their child do the same. They can play it happy

Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

  • Flappy Elephant animated plush plays peek-a-boo and sings Do Your Ears Hang Low



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